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Jim P. – Breckenridge CO – 2.11.16

Our family has been purchasing Spider Ski wear from Richard owner of MAIN STREET SPORTS for many years. One day I mentioned to Richard that I have had my Technica ski boots for quite a while and am in the market for a replacement pair. Richard suggested that I should go see Chuck Ginsburg at A RACERS EDGE, that he is an excellent qualified boot fitter.

I went in to visit with Chuck, told him my needs and that I have a low volume foot, he scheduled an appointment with me and it went from there. He tried on several LV boots and settled on a Lange, the time process in fitting was remarkable. My left boot needed to be canted and the right boot needed a slight lift.

I cannot tell you how it made such a difference in my turns, I could tell day and night difference from my original boots in skiing ability.

My wife and boys have purchased ski boots from another place in town, they did not receive the precise fitting that I have with Chuck. In fact my wife has had such a problem with her boots that she has now going to Chuck and had new orthotics made. There is no comparison, if you are a difficult fit, or a normal fit there is no other place to go than to A RACER’S EDGE. I cannot tell you how wonderful of an experience I had at A RACER’S EDGE and with Chuck’s knowledge in boot fitting.


Rebecca R - Summit County, CO - Five Stars - 11.17.23
I scheduled an appointment on 11/17 for my first ever boot fitting! I was so lucky to get paired with Chris. He really took the time to get to know me, my feet, my skiing style, my goals, and he was very friendly.

The most impressive part is that I have a large ladies foot (size 12 wide in shoes) and he got me a ladies boot! I was convinced that I’d be walking out of there with a red and black boot that worked but didn’t fit my style. He knocked it out of the park. Chris brought out 3 boots. They all fit me! What a dream for that to have occured. I spent some time in each boot and ended up going with a 3 piece boot. I didn’t even know that they made them like that before my appointment.

The boots fit like a glove and I don’t feel like I’m walking through mud anymore. I can’t wait to take them for a spin when we get more snow!

I can’t recommend a racers edge enough! Be sure to request Chris! He’s really good at what he does and deserves accolades for his work.

Erin S. – Silverthorne CO – Five Stars - 11.18.13

I am a new adaptive skier who needed boots and knew nothing about the options available to me. Chuck is fantastic. He is so knowledgeable and worked so very hard to get everything perfect for me. He knew that I would need all sorts of modifications to my boots and liners and was excellent throughout the process. For someone who didn’t have a clue, I have learned so much from him in just the few hours I’ve spent with him. I also never felt awkward in having a non-medical person deal with my disability.

In dealing with me, and all of the other customers I’ve seen him with, he wants to create a perfect fit so that YOU are comfortable riding. The customer service couldn’t be better.

I can safely say that now that I’ve had the pleasure of working with him, I will not go anywhere else 🙂

SillyMango P. – Saint Louis MO – Five Stars 3.10.13

I think part of the reason why we come back to Breck every year is so that the S.O. can get his skis tuned at “A Racers Edge.” They do EXCELLENT work and are extremely fair about pricing. S.O. has taken his skis in to shops all over the place, but this is the winner!

Mia P. – Miami FL – Five Stars 6.26.12

I have been coming to Breckenridge for more than 20 years and am so glad to see Racer’s Edge is back in business. I have bought skiis and boots from Racer’s Edge many many times (but did not go during the previous incarnation with different ownership/managment). The reason to go to Racer’s Edge is for the expertise and they are the best at custom boot fitting and that makes a world of difference if you are “the princess and the pea” like me. You get a personal experience by experts that have been doing boot fitting for over 20 years. AND they will work with you to get your boots right. When I buy new boots I get the custom insole and then ski with them for a day or two–then I go back to Racer’s Edge and they fine tune the fit. My feet have never been happier (and my skiing better).

Tony L. – Chicago, IL – Five Stars 2.15.12

I have taken 1-2 ski trips per season in the Midwest for the past few years. Based on this, my girlfriend and I decided it would be a great idea to invest in our own equipment. We both got completely set up at Goskand Sport in Chicago. The short of that story is that Goskand is a great shop with great value and customer service. I highly recommend visiting this family run business to anyone in the Chicago land area looking to get outfitted with ski equipment. One thing we overlooked when purchasing our gear was spending the extra cash to get our boots custom fitted.

Just this past Wed-Sun, we attended a group ski trip to Breckenridge, CO. This was my first time to CO, and I must say, I will definitely revisit! We got a late start Thurs morning and only got four hours in on the slopes. Regardless, my gf’s feet, shins, and calves were in excruciating pain that night and she even had bruises later that evening. The next morning I called around town to get price ranges, time estimates, and ask some general questions about custom boot fitting. I was a little surprised when the two shops I called referred me to visit A Racers Edge. Upon calling, Chuck gave me a cost and time range and even got our names and expected time of arrival. I was impressed and felt like I was scheduling a private boot fitting. This was the deciding factor, A Racers Edge was the place for us.

The store is in a great location with free three hour street parking and very substantial hours of operation. Not surprisingly there were minimal customers when we arrived around 10am as everyone else was probably enjoying themselves on the slopes or still recovering from the party the night before. The shop seemed a bit small, but very clean and well organized with a cozy feel. Chuck was very welcoming and friendly. Being the only person staffed, we understood that Chuck was the only person to answer the phone or help others with sales when they popped in. When this happened, Chuck always excused himself and apologized for the delay. Very noble and professional. We were very impressed with the attention to detail, knowledge, and medical consultative approach to the fitting. Chuck inspected Trish’s boots, liners, and even her feet to get a good idea of her structures and pronation tendencies as well as skiing level. Chuck really knew what he was doing. His approach was to alter in small increments moving from less permanent to more permanent solutions based on each diagnosis after a change. Once Trish’s boots were set, Chuck followed the same diagnostic process with me.

I expected to pay almost as much for the fitting as we did for the boots based on all of the personalized exclusive attention we received. I was very pleasantly surprised, however, when checking out, and would have felt comfortable paying more for the expert appointment. From walking in the door to getting back in our car, we invested three hours. I thought this time was very well spent based on how much knowledge Chuck shared with us, the cost, and the fact that I feel like we all got to know each other pretty well. Chuck is a very kind professional business owner and knows his stuff.

We got out later that day and the entire next day. Both Trish and I realized the benefits of a custom boot fitting as both of us skied with great control and comfort all day long!

If you’re in Breckenridge and want an expert boot fitting, go see Chuck!

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