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Leki Drifter Vario S Adjustable JR Poles

Introducing the DRIFTER VARIO S, an excellent choice for junior skiers seeking reliable ski poles. These high-quality alpine ski poles are specifically tailored for younger skiers. The DRIFTER VARIO S kid's ski poles feature a convenient Speed Lock mechanism that allows hassle-free length adjustment, accommodating lengths between 90-120 cm. The ski poles are constructed with high-strength Aluminum shafts, ensuring durability, and providing extra stability on the slopes. The comfortable Trigger S grips offer a secure and ergonomic design, enhancing control and providing a sense of security while skiing. The DRIFTER VARIO S junior ski poles offer the reliability and performance needed for a successful and enjoyable skiing experience. Since the DRIFTER S is adjustable, they grow with your child, helping you stretch your gear dollars further than ever.

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