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Leki Carbon 14 Trigger 3D Womans Pole

The CARBON 14 3D W is all about precision, finesse, and, most importantly, performance! These ski poles are specifically tailored for women, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal comfort. CARBON 14 3D W features a super lightweight yet extremely rigid 14 mm shaft constructed from 100% pure carbon, resulting in minimal swing weight and effortless pole plants. The Trigger 3D ProG grip features an innovative multi-directional release mechanism that expands the release range for greater confidence and security. The slim grip design with a soft, tacky rubber texture ensures optimal comfort and confidence without adding bulk. The ski pole is equipped with a Mesh Frame Strap to enhance comfort and control, allowing for a close grip with any glove or mitt. If you use these poles in conjunction with a LEKI glove or mitten, you will enjoy seamless click-in integration without needing a strap. 

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