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POC Skull Dura X Mips (22-24)

Fully certified for racing, and featuring the innovative Race Lock turnwheel adjuster for a completely secure fit at very high speeds, the Skull Dura X Mips gives comfort that keeps your focus on racing.

Shaped for an even fit over the whole head, the helmet gives the kind of comfort that lets you forget it's there, so your focus stays firmly on racing.

Extra protection comes in the form of a multi-impact EPP liner. Mips provides increased rotational impact protection.

The FIS RH 2013 certified helmet features ear pads that can be easily removed after a fall, making it easier to remove the helmet safely. Ear chambers support improved balance, and the helmet is fully compatible with the Maxilla Breakaway Chin Guard.


Mips Integra
Mips Integra seamlessly and almost invisibly integrates rotational impact protection into the helmet.

Race Lock
Race Lock uses a turnwheel adjuster in line with the edge of the helmet to ensure the tightest, most secure fit without affecting the race tuck.

Multi-impact liner
An EPP helmet liner gives multi-impact protection.

Dual-Material Shell
A shell of injected PC/ABS balances strength and durability.

Pull-Release Ear Pads
Pull-Release ear pads can be easily and safely removed after an accident.

Ear chambers
Open spaces around the ears minimize the helmet's impact on balance and hearing.

Maxilla Chin Guard Compatible
The helmet is compatible with the POC Maxilla Breakaway Chin Guard.

Goggle Clip
A flexible clip at the rear of the helmet keeps goggles securely attached.

Fidlock® Buckle
A Fidlock® buckle makes it easy to fasten the helmet while wearing gloves.

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