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Head Freeflex Head ST 20 X RS Matt Black/Speed Blue (23-25)

DIN: 10.5-20

One of the top models in the Racing collection, the Freeflex ST 20 X RD, meets the highest safety and performance demands. The Stream toe features independent spring-loaded pincers, two mounting positions for an adjustable pressure point, a steel base plate between the binding and the plate and a 5 mm lower contact point between the binding and the boot for even more precise control, better power transmission and retention of a natural ski flex. The aerodynamic design provides uncompromising performance and makes the Freeflex ST 20 X RD one of the fastest bindings in ski racing. The retention force of the RACE PRO RD heel is optimized for the technical disciplines and allows a direct and aggressive power transmission. Like all X bindings, the Freeflex ST 20 X RD binding has a race-optimized release characteristic and a spindle adjustment to accommodate forward pressure in order to guarantee the most precise adjustment and the best performance. In order to withstand the heavy strains involved in racing, some parts are made of aluminum. This ensures maximum stability, durability and the best energy transfer.

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