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We think taking care of your skis and snowboards regularly is the most important thing you can do to fully enjoy your on-snow experience. Many people do minor adjustments once a week, or even every day if they are lucky enough to get out that often, but there is nothing like a professional tune to keep your gear in top operating performance — and after all — performance and fun — you got it all!

BENCHMARK TUNE – Stone ground structure, Edge Polish, Bevels, Wax
QUICK TUNE – Sharpen edges, Wax
WORLD CUP TUNE – “The Real Thing” Custom┬á Structure (Binding and Plate Removal for quality structure) Bevels, Edge Polish, Custom Iron Wax with Hotbox Cycle
REGULAR RACE TUNE – Sharpen, Edge Polish, Iron Wax
NEW SKI TUNE – Same as Benchmark Tune – (Unmounted Skies Only)
CUSTOM GRINDS – (minimum)
P-TEX ONLY – Light
P-TEX ONLY – Heavy
CORE SHOTS – Base Patch
Receive a 10% discount when reserving skis by phone (use Discount Code CALLRENTAL14) or 20% discount by reserving your skis through our website┬╗