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Breckenridge Ski Rentals

We are currently in the process of revamping our demo and rental offerings. Please check back later for updates on our fleet of demo and rental skis

A Racer’s Edge carries only the latest, brand-name ski and snowboard rental equipment. Period. We want you to have the best ride possible for your money—no matter your level of experience.

What type of skier are you?
Before you fill out our ski rental reservation form, figure out what type of skier you are: Type I, Type II or Type III. Choose carefully. This, combined with your height, weight, age and ski boot sole length will help us choose the appropriate release/retention settings for your ski bindings. The wrong choice may decrease your comfort and increase your risk of injury.

Type I – Cautious Type II – Moderate Type III – Aggressive
Lighter release/retention settings
Average release/retention settings
Higher release/retention settings

  • Ski conservatively
  • Slower speeds
  • Easy or moderate slopes
  • Below average release/retention settings (bindings release more easily in falls, but the risk of inadvertent binding release increases)

Type I settings apply to entry level skiers uncertain of their classification.


  • Ski moderately
  • A variety of speeds
  • Varied terrain, including most-difficult trails

Type II settings apply to skiers who do not meet all the preferences of either Type I or Type III skiers.


  • Ski aggressively
  • High speeds are the norm
  • Steeper and more challenging terrain
  • Higher than average release/retention settings (bindings release less easily in falls so that there is a decreased risk of inadvertent binding release
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