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Boots & Fitting

Boot Fitting in Breckenridge, CO

The right ski boots—and the right fit—can make the difference between an epic day and a colossal disappointment for skiers of all levels. Whether you want to feel better in the boots you have or buy new ones, the boot fitting experts at A Racer’s Edge will make sure yours fit right—for day-making comfort, performance and safety.

Breckenridge Boot Fitting

Our own Chuck Ginsburg—a.k.a. the Boot Doctor—has done hands-on boot fitting for nearly three decades. His specialties:

  • Analyzing skiers’ unique stance impressions
  • Using the latest technologies (like the Fischer Vacuum Ski Boot technology shown to the right)
  • Giving unbiased appraisals of the exact right boot

Come on in, and you’ll discover why even our competitors send customers to us for help with boot fitting challenges.

Boot Fitting Services
Alignment Evaluation
Canting and Alignment
Specialty Boot Fitting
$40-$60 an hour
Plastic Surgery, AKA
Hourly Rate
Stretching, Grinding and Punching
Hourly Rate

Ski Boots & Liners
Choose from a variety of world-class boots, along with footbeds and boot liners for extra comfort.

Vacuum RC4 Pro (flex 130)
Vacuum RC4 130 (flex 130)
Vacuum Ranger 12 (flex 120)
Vacuum 110 (flex 110)
Vacuum Hybrid W10 (flex 100)
Ranger 12 (flex 120)
Vacuum Hybrid (flex 90)
Women  Vacuum Trinity 110 (flex 110)
Vacuum Hybrid W10 (flex 100)
Vacuum Hybrid 9 Plus (flex 90)
MEN World Cup RP (flex 140)
XT 130 LV (flex 130)
XT 110 (flex 110)
Women XT 100 WLV (flex 100)
Exclusive RX 80 (flex80)
Footbeds Without boot purchase
  With boot purchase
Boot Liners Intuition brand $215-$225