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Tips for Ski Rental Breckenridge: Choose Comfort over Speed

If you’re planning a trip to Breckenridge, you should start thinking about your ski rental in Breckenridge ahead of time. If you’ve rented skis before you know that your visit to the rental shop should leave you feeling like you are getting the best rental gear for you. A Racer’s Edge has a wide range of skis that will make visiting us a rewarding and exciting experience. Getting you the right boot fit and ski fit is what we care about, not getting the most gear out the door.

When you walk in, we’ll start by asking you about your style of skiing. What part of the mountain excites you? How would you describe your ability? How often do you ski? These questions will help us choose the right ski rental equipment for you. We have quality skis in a wide range of styles and performance levels to be certain that you are on the right skis long before you hit the slopes. Length and style are key factors when it comes to skiing, and they have as much to do with comfort as they do with performance.

If you want to experiment with new models from makers like Kastle or Rossignol, we can help you choose the right demo ski package. In fact, we’re known as one of the best shops ski rental in Breckenridge when it comes to demo skis.

Renting the right ski boots will have the greatest impact on your comfort. We take the time to focus on factors other than boot size. We measure several foot dimensions to choose the right size and style for you. Your choice of sock is important as well. Thick socks can reduce the response from the boot and actually increase your chance of getting cold feet. A cotton sock should be avoided as it absorbs moisture and chills your foot. Thin socks made of synthetic and/or natural fiber give you the best insulation and help keep you in close contact with the boot for the greatest control.

We will have you flex as well as stand straight up in your rental boots to insure that you can experience the right range of motion. We’ll ask you to let us know when your toes touch the front of the boot and when they don’t. How does the tongue of the boot feel on your shin? Is your heel being held firmly in the boot? The answers to these questions will let us know if the boot fits you properly. Only when you are satisfied with the fit will we be happy.

All in all, your visit to A Racer’s Edge in Breckenridge for your ski rental will be a pleasant, unhurried experience because we care about your comfort on the slopes. Give us a call or reserve your ski and boot package through the site. You’ll be glad your trip started with a visit to the professionals at A Racer’s Edge.