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Time to Check Your Ski Equipment & Think About What to Rent

Where has the summer gone?! The ski areas are going to be vying for ‘first to open’ bragging rights any day now! It’s time to think about getting your gear ready for the new season.

How are your boots? Were you experiencing a little discomfort last year? A lot of discomfort? The boot fitters at A Racer’s Edge can reduce the pain and actually make your boots feel great! Call to schedule an appointment with us. Our reputation as the top boot fitter in Breckenridge means high demand for boot work as ski season approaches. Our foot beds and alignment services are second to none.

arapahoe-basinDid you get your skis tuned up before you put them away? If not, consider getting a tune up. The snow at the end of the season is typically nice and soft. Early season skiing, however, is typically a bit ‘firmer’, to put it nicely. Sharpened edges and a new coat of wax will do wonders to make the new snow a joy to be on.

If your skis weren’t keeping a perma-grin on your face last season, maybe it is time to think about new skis rather than just a tune. Taking your first runs in Breckenridge on a ski equipment rental can help you find the right new skis by letting you try out our selection of demo skis. We have everything from the latest in rockered powder skis to more traditional end front side carvers. Talk to us about how you ski and we can help you choose the right skis for your style of skiing. You can also switch out skis with us if you find you’d like to try something else.

So what do you think? Will Arapahoe Basin beat Loveland Ski Area for ‘first to open’?