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Storing your Ski Equipment: Tips from Breckenridge


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As much as we wish we never had to store our ski gear, we know that distance makes the heart grow fonder. Taking care of all your ski gear makes it last longer, perform better, and heck – it gets us on the slopes faster when we make the mad dash for our gear come that first snow in fall. We always recommend proper storage for your ski gear during the off-season. You want to take care of this gear so it will take care of you when there’s snow on the trails. Here are a few helpful hints for putting your skis and boots away.

First, if you don’t have a designated place to store your skis, make one. We’re not talking in the back corner of the garage either. Find a cool dry place out of the sun and other elements. Think about the position they are stored in too. Storing skis in a neutral position without pressure on the camber or rocker will be best for the skis. Your boots are important too. When putting your boots away be sure all parts of the boots are dry. Putting them away wet is a good way to ensure that you’ll need a new pair by spring. Check them over for any damage – the boots, buckles or laces, and inner linings. If you’re not sure they’re in the best shape for another season, you want to know that now before you’re looking to grab them at the first snowfall.

If you have any doubts about your ski equipment when you’re packing it up, feel free to stop by before the season ends. We’re your best resource for Breckenridge ski equipment advice and we’ll let you know in plain language if your gear isn’t going to be ready for next fall. Updating your equipment at the end of the season is a great way to save a little on new ski gear.