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Ski Rentals Breckenridge: Best Overall Skis

‘What ski is the best for me?’ It’s a question we hear all the time when folks come in for ski rentals in Breckenridge, CO. It’s a tough question that is subjective at best, so we tend to ask our ski rental customers for a little more information before we can recommend a pair of skis.

What type of skier are you?

Where do you like to ski on the mountain?

What ski conditions do you like the best?

What is your favorite run at Breckenridge?

The answers to these questions help us determine what ski is the best for that person. The best overall ski for one person won’t be the same for another.

If the answers are: fast trails, groomers, freshly groomed and Centenial, then the race inspired Kastle MX 88 might be the right skis for you. They provide a solid ski with plenty of metal in its construction to allow both speed and confident handling. They also have a turning radius that suits nice carved turns whether you have lots of room or just a little.

kastle mx 88 ski equipment rental breckenridge

If the answers are: aggressive, Horseshoe Bowl, powder and Bill’s Thrill, then a Rossi Soul 7 could be the right rental skis for you. It is a rockered ski with conventional camber underfoot and plenty of width to float in the deepest of powder.

rossignol soul 7 ski equipment rental breckenridge


The great thing is that if you are renting demo skis from us, you don’t have to make a single decision. You’re welcome to choose a ski, take it out and give it the works and if it doesn’t suit you, bring it back for another pair. We have skis of all shapes and sizes with various strengths depending on your skiing style, the conditions on the mountain and the day of the week (just kidding). If you wanted to try before you buy for example, you could take out a pair of demo skis every day for a week and not ski the same pair twice.

We hope this helps, and we’re looking forward to seeing snow–and you–on the mountain in a few weeks.