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Wintersteiger Scout

We are really excited about our new Wintersteiger Scout tuning machine. Scout ski tunes will rejuvenate your skis by making the edges sharp and the bases flat, sometimes better than new. The Scout is a fully automated system that will tune the edges of skis to exacting parameters as well as re-structure the bases.


Scout can create a wide range of structures (patterns) on ski bases. This a wave structure and is frequently seen on new race skis. 

A recent pair of skis we took in to tune were in pretty bad shape. The Scout was able to remove the rust and sharpen the edges so that they were shiny and sharp once again.


The bases were rough and gouged but the Scout brought them back to like new condition.


Whether you are a racer looking for that extra tenth of a second, a casual skier enjoying the freedom of skiing the mountain or an aggressive free skier seeking the thrill of steeps and air, you will benefit from a tune from A Racer’s Edge. Our tuners, Doug and Peter, will evaluate your skis and program the Scout to give you the best tune you’ve ever experienced.

Tuned skis ski better, so let us help you by coming in and asking for our Benchmark Tune. You’ll be glad you did.