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Rent Ski Equipment in Breckenridge and Travel Light

Breckenridge will be wrapping up the 2013-2014 season this coming weekend (4/26 & 4/27) with plenty of snow and fun in the sun for all. Come on out to get the last this exceptional season has to offer.

You can make traveling to ski much easier by taking advantage of our Breckenridge ski rentals at A Racer’s Edge. We have lots of demo skis to choose from including Rossi Soul 7s, Kastle BMXs and Fischer Hybrids. These new skis offer innovative shape and design to take your skiing to a higher level.

kastle-bmx-rental-skis-breckenridge rossignol-soul-7-breckenridge-rental-skis

The Soul 7’s ‘5 point’ design incorporates rocker both tip and tail with traditional camber underfoot. This allows the ski to perform like a front side carver on the groomed trails while providing length for stability and plenty of surface area for flotation in the 3D snow. Spring conditions are perfect for wider skis as you can float over the soft corn snow. The BMX is a wide ski with a slight rocker in the tip and traditional camber elsewhere. The quality of Kastle is recognized as top-notch in the industry and the feedback we get from our customers is that Kastles are great skis. The Fishcer Hybrids incorporate a switch mechanism to let them perform like traditional skis and, at the push of the switch, an early rise modern ski.

In addition to saving yourself the hassle of traveling with skis, ski rentals at our Breckenridge ski shop will let you try a completely different ski than your usual ride with no commitment.