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Need a Breckenridge Boot Fitter? We’re Here to Help

Your boots are the most important part of your equipment when it comes to overall comfort and control while skiing. Boots connect you with your skis so finding the right fit is essential. Ski boots fitting can’t be ‘good enough’ in our opinion…it needs to be exceptional in order translate your motion into action on the slopes. In Breckenridge, the boot fitter of choice is Chuck Ginsburg, co-owner and the ‘Boot Doctor’ at A Racer’s Edge. Chuck has been fitting boots for decades and will take the time to help you maximize your enjoyment, increase your level of comfort and improve your skiing through better interaction with your skis and the snow. He’s been helping skiers of all levels find properly aligned boots and skis for over 25 years!

rossignol ski bootThe boot fitting team at A Racer’s Edge: Chuck, Justin and Zach, can take you through the process of finding the correct boot that best fits your skiing style and your foot. They can create new footbeds, suggest the right brand of boots and make the final adjustments to the fit of your shell and liner. The end result will be more comfort, more control and warmer feet after a day on the slopes. We can ensure a better overall experience after visiting one of the boot fitters at our Breckenridge ski shop.

In addition to all the traditional techniques we use to fit your boots, we also carry the revolutionary boot system from Fischer: VACUUM FIT. The system custom molds the boots to your feet by heating the shells and then conforming them to your feet with an air pressure system. The result is a fit like no other. When you combine the decades of knowledge and the cutting edge technology, you’ll be glad you stopped in to see our boot fitting team in Breckenridge. If you want to reserve your equipment ahead of time, you can do so online, or you can always call the shop at 970-453-7600.

We’re at 114 Lincoln Avenue, and we’re open 8 am to 8 pm during ski season.