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High Tech Tuning & Ski Rentals in Breckenridge

Big news for both our ski tuning and ski rental business here at A Racer’s Edge in Breckenridge: we now have a brand new Wintersteiger TrimJet ski tuning machine in the shop. It was delivered on Friday and moved it into our shop with the help of a crane. This new machine will deliver bevels on the side and base edges with unbelievable accuracy. The desired edge bevels are programmed in to the machine, the ski placed on the guide and the TrimJet does the rest.

wintersteiger ski tuning machine in breckenridge

rental ski tuning machine in breckenridgeImagine the quality of ski tune you’ll receive when the world’s foremost ski grinding equipment is paired with one of the ski tuning professionals at A Racer’s Edge! One of the beauties of this machine is that you can get your skis and boards tuned more frequently as the accuracy of the system takes off much less edge while still delivering the best result. Just like computers and smartphones, ski tuning equipment gets more impressive every year and we’re proud to bring this equipment to Breckenridge.

The TrimJet will let us keep our demo and rental skis at our Breckenridge, CO location in superior condition as well. While we have always tuned the rental fleet, this equipment will let us do an even better job with less effort, resulting in the best possible skis and snowboards for you to take out and play on. Stop by with your equipment in the coming weeks and get ready for the new season…after all, we may get snow as early as tomorrow!

And by the way, we are opening the shop beginning next Tuesday, October 14th from 10 am until 5 pm Tuesday through Saturday; closed Sunday and Monday.