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End of Season Tune-Up & Ski Equipment Rental

While we are still in the middle of a great season at Breckenridge, it isn’t too early to start thinking about how you are going to deal with your skis over the summer months.

You’ve probably gotten some nicks, maybe even some gouges, in your skis that could stand a fixing up. Nicks in your edges will make your skis behave erratically. Gouges in the base can act like a rudder on your skis causing them to track in the direction of the gouge. This is certainly not beneficial to your skiing. Additionally, if the gouges go all the way through the p-tex to the core of the ski (damage known as a ‘core shot’) your skis may absorb moisture. Skis can even delaminate with the various layers of materials that make up the ski separating. This weakens the ski and will eventually cause it to fail, perhaps catastrophically. As with most sports equipment, periodic maintenance of your skis will ensure a longer life, and a better skiing experience.

A Benchmark Tune at A Racer’s Edge will return your skis to near new condition. We take the time to fill in the scratches and gouges in your ski’s base and then smooth the base out so it will ride like new. We re-set the edge bevels, removing nicks and edge damage, making the edges smooth and sharp. We also restructure your base which makes it run straight and true as well helping improve the gliding of your skis. Finally we wax your skis with Dominator wax for a slick base and protection of the p-tex. If you won’t be using your skis again until the next season, you can ask us to leave the wax on the base instead of scraping and finishing the wax. This will leave a layer of wax on the skis for added protection from moisture, dust and dirt.

Be sure to store your skis over the summer in a cool, dark place so that they are not baked to temperatures that might damage the glues used to build the ski. UV light is the enemy of all materials so protection from light will help keep your skis looking great.

While we are working on your skis, you may want to try out one of our demo ski equipment rentals. We have everything from race skis to rockered powder skis with everything in between. Our very popular line of Kastle skis will give you a fun day on the slopes on our professionally tuned demos while your skis are returned to excellent shape for your next skiing season.