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Rent Demo Skis for your Breckenridge Ski Holiday

I can vouch from first-hand experience that traveling without your skis is a lot easier than with them; I’m writing this post while I travel by bus from Logan airport to visit my family in New Hampshire. I packed my helmet, goggles, gloves and long johns, but left my skis at home in Breckenridge. No more hauling boots, gear AND skis. Traveling light is the way to go.

attitash ski area new hampshire

The conditions I expect while visiting are typical New England: plenty of snow followed by rain and a freeze. While I could have brought my race skis to handle the ice, I chose to leave them and rent. You can do the same when you travel by renting demo skis in Breckenridge for your ski holiday.

When I get to the ski rental shop in New Hampshire, I will get to choose from a wide range of rental and demo skis at the shop–much the same as you will when you visit us at A Racer’s Edge in Breckenridge. We have demo skis in all styles from race skis by Fischer to fat powder skis by Kastle (BMX 108s) and Rossignol (the ever popular Soul 7). In between we offer great carving and freeride skis.

I recently skied the Fischer 9.5Ti which is a 95mm waisted, 21m ski with a unique feature which lets you select between early rise and standard camber with a simple flip of a switch.

By leaving your skis at home you’ll be able to enjoy a large variety of skis and save yourself the hassle of toting your skis from your home to the airport, to your destination and back.

So while I’m expecting ice and hard pack conditions, I’ll have the flexibility to swap out my rented demo skis should the fresh snow fly and it become a powder day. So will you when you visit us in Breckenridge. See you in the New Year!