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Ski Equipment Tuning: Now or in the Fall?


Getting out on the slopes with a well tuned pair of skis is what we live for. Getting out there on the first real snowfall of winter is even better – unless you’re skis are still seeing the wear from last season’s use. We like heading for the hills as soon as the snow hits in the fall which is why we tune our skis the previous spring.

Beating all the fall crowds by tuning at the end of the ski season is simple, but it’s a pro tip. Once you get that final spring ski tuning in, you get to look forward to hitting the slopes instead of trying to remind yourself to tune those skis all summer.

Once you reach the point where you’re pretty sure it’ll be your last ski day for the year, drop them off for a tuning and let your ski tuner know you’ll be putting them in storage. They’ll pay special attention to getting the skis tuned and smoothing out any damage you may have done during the season. We’ll remove any burs that could lead to rust, and we’ll even apply a generous waxing that will keep the metal from oxidizing while in storage for a few months. We’ve been a pro ski tuner in Breckenridge for a long time and we know how well a storage wax job can help you be ready for the fall!

Breckenridge Ski Rentals are Tuned and Ready

This winter has been all over the place. We started out with loads of snow, went for a while without, got dumped on, then another snow holiday with warm weather (for Summit County) followed by some recent amazing snow.

skiing powder in colorado

All this changing weather has brought along varied conditions. During the dry spells the snow got progressively firmer as more skiers got out and packed it down. Sharp skis handle this kind of snow better than ones with dull edges. Getting your skis tuned will get you those sharper edges as well as a nicely waxed base for great edge hold as well as consistent and fast sliding.

Skiing when there hasn’t been fresh snow for a while will wear down your edges more quickly than fresh powder. Rocks and grit in the snow will also take their toll on your gear. A fresh tune will give your skis a new lease on life. You’ll definitely notice the difference after a professional tune.

If you are in the mood for a change and want to try a new feel on the slopes, come see us in Breckenridge for a ski rental. Both demo skis and performance rental skis are tuned before every rental so you get to experience the skis at their best. We can generally provide overnight tunes for you if you get us your skis in the afternoon and we open at 8:00 am so you can pick up your skis and still make first chair.

Our Wintersteiger TrimJet edge machine along with our S 300 stone grinder will give you the racer’s edge you are looking for (sorry couldn’t resist) to make your days on the slopes more enjoyable. So try some new gear, tune up your current gear and make sure you get the most out of winter, the spring thaw is right around the corner!