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Can a Ski Rental Shop in Breckenridge Accommodate My Sensitive Feet?

A Racer’s Edge is a full service ski rental shop in Breckenridge. What does that mean? Foremost it means we do everything we can to make sure your rental experience is the best it can be. Since we have been in the ski equipment rental and boot fitting business for years, we’ve heard all kinds of questions about skiing, ski boots and getting the right fit. Pretty frequently we’ll hear a variation of, “I have sensitive feet” or “my feet get sore easily, what can you do for me”…well, we have answers.

rental ski boots, breckenridge coOur boots come in several different models for men and for women. This lets us pick the best fitting boot for you. As you may know, the fit of your boot is going to have a considerable effect on your comfort and the performance of your skiing. We start by measuring both the length and width of both of your feet individually before we select a boot for you to try on. We will take you through the complete fitting process step by step to insure that the boots are snug yet comfortable, and if that takes a little extra time, we’re happy to test ski boot configurations until we get it right.

If you have difficult to fit feet, you’re not alone! About 1 in 5 of our ski rental customers will have special boot fitting needs. We can add wedges, heel lifts and L-pads to properly position your foot within the boot. We’ll check that your toes don’t bang in the front of the boot and make sure the boot isn’t too big.

We mean it when we say we’ll go the extra mile to make your Breckenridge ski rental a special experience from great skis, properly fitting boots and the personal attention you deserve. So if you have sore feet or sensitive feet which have been an issue when you skied in the past, come and see the boot fitting pros at our Breckenridge ski shop…we know how to take care of you.