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Buying Former Rental Ski Equipment: Breckenridge FAQ

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It is a bit of and open secret that you can save a ton by buying rental ski equipment. Doing so from a rental shop where they have been taken great care of is the best option.

We tune our gear each time it comes in so it is always in top notch condition…and who doesn’t like getting a great deal? At A Racer’s Edge we keep the best rental gear in stock to ensure our customers get the best Breckenridge skiing experience possible. That means sometimes we sell some of the rental gear to make room for more. Does that mean you’re getting a dusty old pair of skis that have been sitting in the corner for half of a decade? Not at our shop! The great thing about buying rental gear from us is we’re a tuning shop too. Here are some things to keep in mind when looking to purchase rental gear.

Have you skied this model before?
Well educated ski shop staff can tell you how rental customers liked these skis and which models were the most popular rentals. If you’ve rented some of our models in the past, which ones did you like best? Check with us to see if those are some of the ones we’re offering for sale.

Have the rentals been tuned between each rental session?
If you’ve used A Racer’s Edge for your ski equipment rental in Breckenridge, you know how well we take care of our rental gear. We tune it regularly to give our customers the best skiing experience. This means all of our rental skis have been taken care of every step of the way.

No sure what you’re looking for?
Each model of skis are different so ask our expert ski rental staff what type of skiing you like to do, and we can help you find the perfect pair. The frequency, time of year and type of skiing you do may change our recommendation, so we always ask a few questions.

We hope this quick tutorial to buying former ski rental equipment in Breckenridge helps, it’s our goal to help you enjoy the slopes!