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Breckenridge Ski Rental Profile: Rossignol Experience 88

Rossignol has been a top brand in skis for decades. They continue to roll out advanced designs that perform beautifully. The Rossi Experience 88 is no exception. It combines classic elements of construction with innovative and unique new features to give you the ride of your life. A Racer’s Edge has the Rossignol Experience 88 in its demo fleet of rental skis so you can experience this innovative ski when you are in Breckenridge looking for your next ski rental.

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The Air Tip has been used in a variety of Rossignol skis to help improve performance. It replaces the dense materials needed in the body of the ski with a honeycomb filled with air. The lighter weight of the tip allows for the balance of weight to be closer to the skier’s feet. The honeycomb maintains the structural rigidity of the ski so that it can still behave like a solid ski when driving through the snow.

The 88 is a rockered ski, which means that the tip and tail are raised closer to the middle of ski more than a traditional cambered ski. While the ‘Auto Turn Rocker’ moniker may sound like marketing hype, raising the tip and tail allows the ski to maintain characteristics of a long ski with stability and flotation, while changing the contact point of the ski to more closely resemble a shorter ski. This means that you can charge on the slopes yet still have the ability to make smaller turns when needed. With 30% rocker at tip and tail the remaining 70% is traditional camber so it grips and turns like conventional skis.

Underneath the minicap is a durable sandwich construction with a wood core. Wood continues to be a winner for a high performance ski making it durable and long-lived. As the name implies the Experience 88 is 88mm wide underfoot. This size has proven over the years to be a superb performer both on piste as well as off. 88 seems to be a magic number allowing for sufficiently quick edge changes to tame hard pack and sufficient flotation when combined with the wider, rockered tip and tail to handle just about any soft snow condition you will encounter.

If you’re headed to Breckenridge any time soon, stop in at the Breckenridge ski rental shop and we’ll gladly set you up on a new pair of Rossignol Experience 88’s.