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Does Altitude Affect Boot Size? Breckenridge Ski Rental Answers

We’ve heard this question once or twice, so we’ll tackle it as today’s blog article. For the most part the altitude in Breckenridge isn’t going to affect the size of the boot we put you in, or the size of any other ski rental equipment. Whatever your foot size is at altitude, we will fit your foot to the right boot. You can be sure that your ski rental in Breckenridge will be as comfortable as any you have had in the past.

What does altitude affect? Well, to start, the amount of oxygen you  breathe with every breath is reduced compared to the air you breathe at lower altitudes. This will cause you to find it harder to keep up with your usual levels of activity. It is important to listen to your body when skiing or even going for a walk or climbing a set of stairs quickly. If you feel short of breath; stop, rest and let your heart rate and breathing return to normal before continuing.

Higher altitude air is also less humid. Your skin may dry out faster and you should actively work on re-hydration, especially if you’re planning a day on the slopes. Drinking water before you arrive and while you are at altitude will help you avoid dehydration, which can sneak up a little faster at 9,000 feet above sea level. Avoid caffeine and alcohol as they make dehydration worse. If you’re headed for an après ski glass of beer or wine, consider drinking a glass of water before having a second. Some people call the glass of water a ‘spacer’, but it’s a good tip for staying hydrated at altitude.

Another method to reduce the effects of altitude is to acclimate over a period of time. If you fly into Denver and spend a night in the city, you will feel a lot better the next day when you arrive in Breckenridge for your ski rental. You may also find that you will have a better experience if you take it easy on the slopes the first day in Breckenridge to allow your system to acclimate, especially if you aren’t able to spend the night in Denver beforehand.

Symptoms of altitude sickness are feeling like you have the flu or a hangover. Lack of appetite, nausea, fatigue and dizziness are all symptoms. If you’re feeling a little run down at the beginning of your trip, drink lots of fluids, get plenty of rest. It’s better to take the first day easy than have your ski holiday marred by altitude sickness.

Be certain sure to enjoy Breckenridge ski rental during your holiday by being aware of the effects of altitude and staying healthy. We’ll be sure to fit you properly so that your ski weekend will be a blast while you’re here.