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End of Season Weekend: Try Demo Rental Skis

heading to breckenridge for rental skis

Looking to rent skis in Breckenridge? Demo skis are like test driving a car…on the autobahn. With demo skis you actually get to try out the best equipment on a real mountain. Trying out the new line of demo skis lets you know which ones are best for you – and you’re get in a day of skiing while you’re at it. Demo skis are fun to try and a good way to tell which of the new gear is right for you.

Each season we carry the top of the line demo gear for you to try out. Maybe you’re looking to change things up for the weekend on different equipment, try something new, or are in the market for new gear and want to try before you buy. Regardless of your reason, we’ve got the best demo rentals for you.

Ski gear is always changing – widths and lengths change as do the materials from just a few years ago. Trying out gear before buying is a great way to see for yourself what you like best. Check out our demo packages and enjoy a great weekend of skiing while there’s still snow on the ground.

Romance & Breckenridge: Let Us Handle the Ski Equipment

an early lift ride in breckenridgeNothing says romance like just the two of you away in the mountains for a ski getaway. Going skiing is fun but spending the weekend packing is not. Spontaneity and romance are associated with one another for a reason!

So what to do if you’re planning a quick getaway for a great ski weekend but you’re not going to dig all the ski equipment out of the garage? Let the Breckenridge ski equipment rental pros at A Racer’s Edge take care of it. We’ve got you covered from the ground up. We’re a full service rental shop full of skiers, so we can answer any questions you have from fittings to the best trails. At A Racer’s Edge we carry only the latest, brand-name rental equipment for both skiers and snowboarders. This way you can be sure you have the best time on the slopes.

We even break down our ski rental packages based on your level of experience from beginner to experienced. You can reserve our performance rental gear or try some of our demo skis. A fun weekend getaway in the mountains is always a good time and part of the fun can be trying out some new gear to see what you like.

So plan that romantic weekend away and leave the rentals to us! Make a reservation ahead of time and know that everything will be waiting for you when you get here. It’s a lot easier to plan a surprise ski weekend without digging through the basement looking for that one boot liner you can’t seem to find.