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Archive for March 2015

Spring Break Ski Weekend: Ski Rentals Breckenridge CO

spring skiing in breckenridge

Spring has arrived in Summit County and the skiing is great. Whether you are a student on spring break or a family looking to get in another day on the mountain, come up to Breckenridge for some great turns and a hassle-free trip to the mountain.

I skied Breckenridge yesterday in the sun and enjoyed firm, yet excellent coverage above treeline and glorious corn from treeline down. I was out with family and friends and made sure to arrange ski rentals for their Breckenridge CO vacation ahead of time. I put them on some modern skis unlike they had tried before. My cousin was on the Rossi Saffron 7, a 98mm rockered ski while her husband was on the Rossignol Sin 7, also 98mm wide at the waist and rockered. It took them a little time to get used to the width of the ski on the early morning firm snow. As time went on they warmed up to the skis, though, as they are great in the soft three dimensional corn snow that developed over the course of the day.

Expand your horizons on your next trip to the mountains with ski rentals from our Breckenridge CO location. You’ll be amazed at what a new ski can do for your skiing. We hope to see you on the slopes in the next few weeks!

Get Back Out There: Breckenridge CO Ski Rental

view from breckenridge ski resort

The skiing continues to be extraordinary here in Breckenridge, CO. Ski Rentals are one way to get the most out of your visit to the resort…after all, where else will you find all the latest and greatest equipment to test out on the slopes?

The Fischer, Kaestle and Rossignol skis in our demo fleet will make your day on the slopes memorable. Skis tend to be wider than just a few years ago. Materials and construction have made advances as well. Despite the non-traditional shapes and lengths, which sometimes get some funny looks from traditional skiers, things have changed for the better.


Take for example the Rossi Sin 7. This ski has a revolutionary shape and utilizes some interesting new materials. The Sin 7 is 98 mms wide which makes it a great ski for soft snow. Powder, crud, and now spring slush are all taken in stride by the Sin 7 as it can help you float over and through it all. Featuring ‘Powder Turn Rocker’ it has been redesigned with the ‘Air Tip’ technology to create a ski that virtually eliminates ‘tip flap’ while reducing swing weight for greater versatility. When you get the Sin 7 on firm snow, the early rise in the tip and tail allow the standard camber between the contact points to grip the snow and execute sweet arcs.

Another popular ski in our Breckenridge, CO ski rental fleet is the Kaestle MX 88. It has traditional camber and sidecut that will have you loving the ease and smoothness of this high performance mountain cruiser. ‘Hollowtech’ technology aids in reducing vibration in the ski as well as lightening the front of the ski for improved swing weight and easier control of the ski.

Come on out and enjoy the warmer weather in Breckenridge, CO with a ski rental from A Racer’s Edge. We’ll walk you through all the ski equipment options available and make sure you enjoy every minute in the snow!