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New Years Exercise Resolutions: Breckenridge Ski Rental

If exercise or weight loss are on your list for 2015, it doesn’t have to be boring. Change things up with a weekend on the slopes made easy with a ski rental from A Racer’s Edge!

hiking and skiing tips from breckenridge


There are plenty of ways to get a workout while skiing. My favorite is going for non-stop runs. As the season progresses I’ll try to ski longer and longer runs without a stop. When I’m in really good shape I can ski from the top of Peak 8 to the base without stopping. Be sure to listen to your body  if you take this approach. When you get tired stop so you don’t injure yourself or put others at risk. As you continue with your routine, you’ll find you can go further down the mountain without the need to stop.

Breckenridge has plenty of hike to terrain on Peaks 6, 7 and 8. By hiking you’ll be getting access to terrain that most don’t get to and you’ll get a workout on the hike as well as getting in more vertical drop on your descent. Again, this requires care not to overdo it. So many times people will pass me on the hike up only for me to pass them before they reach the summit. Slow and steady will get you there. You want to avoid getting winded; hike at a comfortable pace and if you get to the point where you are breathing so hard you can’t carry on a conversation, you should stop. While you recover your breath think about the point that you might have stopped and recovered without exceeding the threshold to oxygen debt.

Another fun way to get a workout is to change your style of skiing. Most skiers like to make big swooping turns. If you go to Breckenridge, a ski rental might help you mix up your turns. A short carver would let you make more, short radius turns than a longer all mountain ski. Cranking out a lot of little turns will give your legs a workout.

Regardless of your style of skiing, you’re still going to be out in the fresh air burning some calories, so plan a rewarding weekend workout with a little help from the ski rental pros in Breckenridge…we’ll think you’ll enjoy it more than another trip to the gym.