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2015 Fischer Boots: Breckenridge Ski Equipment Rentals

We’re gearing up for winter here at A Racer’s Edge and today we want to talk a little about the Fischer boots that we’re carrying both for sale and as rental ski equipment at our shop in Breckenridge. Some of the most exciting innovations in ski boots have come from Fischer. A few years back Fischer introduced SOMA-TEC. Simply put, Fischer boots with SOMA-TEC let your feet align in a more natural stance allowing your legs and lower body joints to work comfortably and powerfully while you’re skiing. By letting your feet point out while keeping the sole of the boot parallel, you are able to enhance your skiing with increased power transfer and quicker edge switches.

fischer vacuum ski boot fitting breckenridgeMore recently Fischer was working with their racers to develop a plastic that was less affected by temperature to provide a more consistent flex in their boots. One interesting property they found in the plastic that they were working with was that it could be easily modified to fit the foot in the boot. Thus the VACUUM FIT came into being. The VACUUM boots are first sized to the skier and then they are heated. After the boots are on the skier, they are gently cooled by a special pad placed over the boots. As the boot compresses and cools, it conforms to the foot perfectly. This process allows for all sorts of special adjustments to be made to accommodate difficult to fit feet and the end result is a truly custom fit to one skier’s foot…not to averages.

Combine the comfort of VACUUM FIT with SOMA-TEC and plastic that doesn’t get stiff when cold and you have a new combination of technology that will have you skiing all day long in comfort with more control and precision in your skiing. Our expert boot fitters can get you into the right model and set it up for you so that you can experience the Fischer difference for yourself.

If you’re in Breckenridge, or will be traveling here any time soon, stop in for a professional boot fitting, check out our ski rental equipment and feel free to ask our professional team any questions you have about how to improve your experience on the slopes. We have just received the latest skis from Kastle and Fischer to add to our demo fleet and combined with the new boots from Fischer and other brands…we have plenty of options for you to rent and test out while you’re in Breckenridge.