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The Breckenridge Ski Equipment Pros

Whether you get on the slopes every day, or just get out on rental skis a few times a year, skiing is a sport that requires that you rely on the condition of your gear to get the most of your day on the mountain. The ski equipment rental pros at our Breckenridge shop can help keep your gear in top condition with ski and snowboard tuning, and repairs as well as parts and accessories.

Conditions at Breckenridge have improved significantly over the past week, but there are still places where the snow is thin and grit may have mixed in. We’re also noticing spots where to get a good run, you may have to work your way through windblown areas that have exposed the ground. We know you’re going to hit the slopes regardless of the conditions, but if your skis get damaged from grit or exposed ground, every run you take after that will be less enjoyable and will require more effort.

Repairs to the edges are often easily reduced or eliminated by a proper ski tuning. Our new ceramic edger meticulously and accurately removes edge material to leave you with a sharper and more predictable edge on you ski or board. Even without nicks from impurities in the snow, your edges will naturally dull from contact with snow crystals. Your bases also get worn by the snow and may become dull or chalky looking. A precision machine tune will restore the grip of your ski’s edge while a stone grind gives your skis an even, smooth finish that readily accepts wax for fast, reliable gliding.

skis in need of tuning breckenridge

Without having to become a ski tuning professional yourself, you can test your skis by paying attention to when the edges are particularly rough or grabby; or just by sliding your finger down the edge with a knit glove on and seeing if anything snags the material. If you’re noticing the edge catching on the fabric you have ‘burrs’ or pieces of steel which are no longer in line with the edge. Problems like burrs and nicks are removed with a proper ski tuning.

Sliding sideways on your skis is another sign that you might need a tune. Dull edges can’t grip like sharp, freshly tuned edges. Gouges in your base will cause drag and may cause your skis to track poorly. Part of our ‘benchmark’ tune is to repair p-tex damage by filling in the holes and refinishing them to match the rest of your base.

You might be surprised how much more pleasant your skis will perform if you get them tuned. We take pride in giving your gear a quality tune so you can enjoy the slopes…and remember: you can always pick up a pair of rental skis in Breckenridge so you can hit the slopes while we tune your skis.

TrimJet – Changing Ski Tuning in Breckenridge

We are really excited about our latest piece of ski tuning equipment at A Racer’s Edge in Breckenridge. The Wintersteiger TrimJet is a fully automated ceramic disc edger allows us to provide skis and snowboards with precise base and side edge sharpening in a very short amount of time. Technology can make all the difference when it comes to ski tuning, and we have some of the best.

The heart of the system is a pair of ceramic discs that spin at high speed to perfectly sharpen both the side and base edges on your gear. The discs are liquid cooled to protect the discs and your skis. A robotic system holds your ski (or board) and passes it over the discs with precision that is difficult, if not impossible, to match by hand. The result is edge angles that are exactly what is specified. We can apply base bevels from 0.5 through 2.0 degrees and edge bevels from 1.0 to 4.0 degrees. The accuracy of the bevels means that no more edge is removed that necessary to obtain the angles you are looking for leading to a longer life for your skis.

Benchmark ski tuning is done with the TrimJet along with the Wintersteiger 350 stone grinder. This combination gives you a superior finish on both your edges and bases for a tune that will have you grinning from ear to ear as your skis grip better than ever before and glide effortlessly down the slopes. You may find that your skis feel better on the slopes than they did when they were brand new.

And of course, we use the same equipment on our rental skis  as well, so you can get a professional-grade experience every time you rent skis from us in Breckenridge. Stop in now that the lifts are running and try out some demo or premium rental skis.