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Breckenridge Ski Rental Shop: What Ski Equipment Matters?

Skiing is a gear intensive sport. You need skis, boots, poles, bindings, clothing, goggles and headgear. There are so many options for each type of equipment that it boggles the mind. If you ask anyone that has been skiing for a while what is the most important, they’ll likely tell you: boots.

boot-fitting-process-breckenridgeYour boots transmit everything you do to your skis. Getting the right fit, flex and alignment are all critical factors in boot selection and fitting. If your boots are uncomfortable, you will compensate in ways to make them feel better, and that may or may not help your skiing. Poorly fitting boots probably turn off more people from skiing than anything else.

Boot flex is a huge part of how a boot will perform for you. Too soft and you can’t control your skis. Too stiff and you won’t be able to be supple and flexible. It is far too common for people to get a massively stiff boot then have problems actually bending the boot. This results in being unable to get your body in the right position to balance over the skis.

Alignment is crucial to getting the best out of yourself and your equipment. A tipped forward stance or misaligned cuffs can force you into awkward positions over your skis. Compensating for poor alignment will make your skiing more ‘forced’ and less comfortable. Proper alignment lets you stand over your skis in a relaxed position and be balanced fore and aft while your skis are flat on the snow. Fitting and alignment can take into account differences in leg length, wide/narrow feet, a large or small calf, high or low arches along with a variety of other foot and leg variations.

The boot fitters at A Racer’s Edge in Breckenridge can help you get the most out of your current boots as well as help you select a new boot to suit your skiing style. We carry Fischer and Lange boots in sizes and styles from kids to racers.

Probably the second most important piece of equipment are your skis. Matching a ski to how you ski is something that will help your skiing considerably. Properly maintained skis go a long way to letting you enjoy your day on the mountain. Glide and edge grip deteriorate over time so once you have the right skis, and be sure to keep it tuned up for maximum fun on the hill. We can help you find the ski that is right for you with our demo ski equipment rentals in Breckenridge. We rent high end recreational skis to match just about any snow condition and skier.

Stop in when the flakes start flying and we’ll make sure you have the best possible time on the slopes.

Summer Clearance Sale

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