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Unique Valentine’s Day Idea: Rent Skis in Breckenridge

Skiing is an exciting sport that lets you get out and enjoy the beauty of nature while getting exercise having some fun…and what better way to spice up a day of skiing than to be on new skis?

At A Racer’s Edge in Breckenridge, you can rent skis that will give your sweetheart a new perspective on skiing. Our selection of demo gear runs from front side carvers to deep powder fatties.

The Rossignol Soul 7 and Kastle BMX 108 both have a waist measurement of 108 mm designed for deep, soft powder. That is where the similarities end, though. The Soul 7 is a rockered ski with the widest part of the tip much further back than a traditional ski. This makes the effect edge much shorter so that even though it is long and wide, it can make nice tight turns on packed snow. In powder the large tip with its rocker makes for a ski that just wants to rise to the surface and float.

The BMX 108 has a more traditional shape. The tip’s widest point is in the ‘normal’ location. It does have what is known as early rise, though. This slight lifting at the tip of the ski makes them seem shorter when skied on groomed trails allowing for easy control. In powder, the ski will rise to the surface since it has a nice large surface area.

Our Breckenridge ski shop also rents the popular Kastle MX88s skis, an extremely popular ski with an 88 mm waist that excels at carving and taming soft snow. Also popular are the rockered Rossi Sin 7, a narrower ski similar to the Soul 7 as well as the Saffron and Savory for ladies, both rockered skis as well.

Make your Valentine’s Day special with a ski rental from A Racer’s Edge in Breckenridge!

Ski Equipment Rental Breckenridge, What’s New in Ski Gear

The past few days have been a great example of why your ski equipment rental in Breckenridge can really enhance your visit. We had a huge storm drop 3’ of sweet deep powder on the resort. Our demo skis include the big skis that you want on a day with plenty of deep snow. The Rossignol Soul 7 is star performer Powder Turn Rocker. The shape of the ski lets it float and turn with ease in deep snow yet when you need to get to around the mountain on groomed trails, it will behave like a 17m radius ski.


A colder, sunny period followed the snow and a great place to be was the groomed trails. Fresh snow does wonders to the trail surface when groomed to perfection. Kastle’s MX88 would be a perfect ski for enjoying trails and off-piste skiing. The 88 mm waist is easy to tip onto edge for control and carving; it also is great for managing the skied up powder off-piste.


When your ski equipment rental is at A Racer’s Edge in Breckenridge, you can match the demo skis to the day’s skiing. Our selection of demos includes Fischer and Kastle SL and GS skis. Take a pair out to try the EpicMix Race Course at Breck. We can find the right ski to help you improve your time and drop your handicap. We are happy to provide tips to help as well; most of us have, or still are, racing or coaching.