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Breckenridge Ski Rental | Outfitting the Whole Family

Skiing is a wonderful sport for the whole family. The pleasures of skiing in our high alpine environment is an experience that will be remembered for a lifetime. Whether you come from near or far to Breckenridge, a ski rental can make your trip easier and more fun than you had imagined it could be.

Renting your gear when you get to Breckenridge means saving both time and money. You won’t have to lug skis and bags from home, and you won’t have to pay the extra airline fees. Anyone who has traveled with gear and skis for multiple people know it can be a hassle. We have skis and snowboard gear for everyone in your family so you can travel light and have great, well maintained equipment at your disposal when you get to our Breckenridge ski rental shop.

Advanced skiers can pick from a wide range of demo skis that represent a cross-section of modern ski technology. We have demo ski rentals from Fischer, Kastle and Rossignol. Everything from fat powder skis to all mountain skis to carving skis.

Our high performance demo skis are excellent for intermediates and beginners. We feature the Rossignol E series rental skis in the full spectrum of lengths and various widths. We even have skis for the youngest beginners. All of our ski rentals can include poles, boots and helmets depending on what you need. Snowboards and boots are also available for the riders in your family, and if you have questions about sizing or accommodations before you come in, you can always call ahead.

We want you to be as comfortable and as well outfitted as possible so we take the time to make sure your boots fit properly and that you know how to use the equipment. The only surprise you should have when you are out on the mountain is when you round a bend and spot another spectacular vista. Let us make your ski trip to Breckenridge memorable, fun and convenient.