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Archive for November 2013

Discover the New Gear: Rent Demo Skis in Breckenridge

The only thing more fun than skiing itself is skiing on new gear. You can experience the latest ski technology when you rent demo skis on your next trip to Breckenridge. A Racer’s Edge has Kastle, Rossignol and Fischer demo skis to rent. Demo skis are the same brands and models available on the market, so if you love the skis you rent with us, you can buy a pair just like them.

Kastle makes a ski designed to suit the demanding skier. One of the most popular models is the MX 88. It is a wood core ski with a .5 mm layer of metal that creates a rugged all-mountain ski. In the 178 cm length it has a 20 meter turn radius. It incorporates a standard camber pattern along with ‘HollowTech’, a cut out section in the tip of the ski filled with light weight polymer.


HollowTech results in a ski that is lighter in front which reduces vibration. This creates a high performance ski with that is easy to turn and stable with plenty of flotation (88 mm waist) to handle the crud and powder. HollowTech is used in all models of skis such as the BMX 98, FX 94 and LX 82, all of which are available for demo ski rental in our Breckenridge shop.

Rossignol offers the latest in ski technology with ‘Rocker’. Rocker means that the tip and often the tail of the ski are configured to rise above the snow slightly closer to the bindings that in a traditional camber ski. This creates a ski that will respond to steering with ease and results in what Rossignol calls ‘Auto Turn’. rossignol-rocker-diagramWhen the ski is on edge, the entire edge will engage and you experience superior stability, but during steered turns, you will find that your skis behave as though they were a bit shorter than they actually are. This is advantageous as it gives you the responsiveness of shorter ski with the stability of a full size ski. We have the E88 (Experience 88) and E83 (Experience 83) skis to rent.

In case you haven’t noticed already, the numbers in both the Kastle and Rossi skis indicate the width of the waist of the ski in millimeters. Wider skis (higher numbers) will have increased performance on softer snow and powder, while the (relatively) narrower skis will make it easier to get grip on firmer snow. All of these skis are great  all around skis. They offer different technologies to enhance their  performance and variations in width, flex and camber  that will let you find the perfect ski for your style.

Next time you’re coming up to rent skis in Breckenridge ask about our demo ski selection and consider using your trip as an excuse to try out some new gear!

When Can a Child Learn to Ski? Ski Rental Shop has Answers

Growing up in a ski town much like Breckenridge, CO, I saw families that would travel year after year to stay in ski lodges and enjoy the mountains in the winter. These groups would arrive every year for major holidays and have a grand time skiing, socializing and enjoying each other’s company. Whole families skied together and had a great time. There was a time when that dropped off in the 80s, but it is great to see families getting involved in skiing again.

As more adults think of skiing as a family activity, it raises the question about what age the young ones can learn to ski. It isn’t so much about age but about your child’s personal development. They need to have good motor skills as well as an interest in learning a new sport. I learned to ski at 5 years old back in the 60s when skis were long and boots were leather. Nowadays the equipment is lighter, more efficient and easier to manage so kids are getting on snow even earlier. It isn’t uncommon to see parents with kids in tow as young as 2 or 3 years old. If you are going to place your child in ski school, though, some schools will have age limits. Breckenridge’s Ski and Ride program requires kids be 3 years old and potty trained. Beyond that their requirements are mostly common sense: kids must wear a helmet, sunscreen and googles or sun glasses.

Enjoying outdoor sports and family time should be your primary goal no matter how you approach skiing with your child. We have ski rentals for kids visiting Breckenridge so you can be sure to get the right fit in boots and skis. Your child’s skiing pleasure will be reinforced by warm comfortable clothing. Layering or “onionizing” (think Shrek’s “Ogres are like onions; they have layers”) is key to keeping your kids happy on the slopes.  Base layers of long underwear wick moisture away from the body. Mid layers provide insulation. Outer layers to keep the wind and snow out. Don’t forget a neck gaiter, googles, sunglasses, hat and sunscreen. These accessories will keep your little one comfortable so that being out in winter is fun.

Ski schools, of course, have programs that specifically address the needs of children learning to ski. Don’t expect them to be a Lindsey Vonn or Ted Ligety by the end of the day or even a season of skiing, though. Let your kids enjoy the experience of being in a winter wonderland where skis are simply the means to get around in the snow. You’ll want them to enjoy their time in the snow and learn at their own pace so they grow to love the slopes as much as you do. Taking your children skiing can be a rewarding experience for you and your children, so let them come to skiing when they’re ready and let the sport create a remarkable bond that will unite your family trip after trip.