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Why Choose A Racer’s Edge for Breckenridge Ski Rental?

Are you planning your vacation to Breckenridge? Do the high costs of checked baggage make travel with your ski equipment an expensive proposition? Do you want to save having to carry your ski equipment around the airport? A Racer’s Edge can help by providing you with your Breckenridge ski rental.

For those of us who live in Breckenridge ski rentals might seem like a luxury, but if you’re visiting from out of town, we know how much time and effort bringing your own skis, boots and equipment can entail. Why lug your own gear to and from the airport? With our online booking system, you can arrange your ski rentals in advance. After you reserve your skis, boots and poles with us, all your equipment will be ready for you on arrival. Just stop by the shop and we will check that everything fits as it should, and you’ll be on the slopes in minutes!

Customers sometimes ask which brand of skis we carry for rental, and how we maintain our stock. We carry premium skis for our ski rentals in Breckenridge and the skis we rent are tuned regularly so they will perform well on the slopes. The bindings are tested frequently to insure that they are safe and comfortable, and we always make sure you have the right boots; both your feet, and your skill level.

Ever thought of trying out skis before you buy? Our demo ski brands include Fischer, Kastle and Rossignol. You can even rent some demo skis while yours are in the shop being serviced. One of our recent customers tried out a pair of Kastles while he was having his regular pair tuned and he was so pleased with the demo that he immediately began thinking of a way to justify buying a pair!

You’ll never know how much difference a new pair of skis might make until you try out some new skis. A Racer’s Edge is here to help you get the most out of your trip to Breckenridge. Stop in and say hello when you’re here and of course: let us know if we can help you find the right rental skis, boots or equipment for your next trip. We’ve been in the Breckenridge ski rental business for a long time, and we’re here to help.